Wanwan Nursery School
Facility Guide
Social Welfare Foundation Ikushin-kai Welfare Business Principles
Ikushin-kai employees will:
Always become conscious as a person participating a social welfare business and be engaged in the business faithfully to improve welfare activities for a local community.
Recognize to perform his/her necessary roles as an Ikushin-kai employee and make efforts to enhance the values of Ikushin-kai’s existence in a local community.
Develop his/her own growth by performing welfare business and contribute to Ikushin-kai’s development and the welfare services in a local community at the same time.
Observe laws regarding social welfare and make efforts for wholesome development in welfare business.
History of Social Welfare Foundation Ikushin-kai
In 1978, the predecessor of Ikushin-kai has established the first 24 hours unauthorized nursery school in (Shinsaibashi) Chuo-ward of Osaka-city and has been striving hard to improve nursing activities constantly (night and day) by pioneering nursing methods.
Because the nursing efforts were recognized, the social welfare foundation has been founded under the guidance of Public Welfare Bureau (Nursery Section) of Osaka-city in May, 1992 and consequently established "Wanwan (Baby) Nursery School" in Joutou-ward of Osaka-city in October, 1994.